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Trio cardboard chair

The Trio cardboard chair is the result of a combination of three natural and eco-sustainable materials: cardboard, bamboo and fabric. This union creates a comfortable, light and resistant chair. [...]

Furniture honeycomb cardboard doors

  Furniture with 16mm honeycomb cardboard doors with glass elements. Project realized for Dusty s.r.l. Design: Rossella Pezzino De Geronimo – www.rossellapezzinodegeronimo.it Glass [...]

Reception in honeycomb cardboard

  Reception in 16 mm honeycomb cardboard and glass by Kattuni. The desk and the shelf were made by Archicart in corrugated cardboard 10mm. Wooden platform made by Resfactory. Project was [...]

Desk and bookcase in honeycomb

Desk in 16mm honeycomb cardboard and 10mm tempered glass top. Custom bookcase in 16mm honeycomb cardboard and 3mm transparent plexiglass shelves. Designer: arch. Giada Dione Photo: Antonio Grisalvo

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