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A unique style that respects the environment



Our methods are constantly evolving and adapting from time to time to the different needs of customers. Every project we work on is unique and has an original design.


We want to satisfy customers who are already attentive to the quality of the environment and to the sustainability of the furnishings in the spaces in which they live, and to sensitize those who are not yet. The material used is produced with recycled paper and water based glues.


The design gave the cardboard a new identity, which is no longer just a “box”, but that becomes a precious object as a container.

Lightness and facility of mounting

Our alveolar cardboard, so called because its internal structure resembles that of a beehive, is an extremely easy material to work, cut, shape, assemble and therefore very versatile in its uses. For temporary cardboard furnishings and accessories, used in fairs, exhibitions and congresses, lightness is a decisive feature to guarantee transport speed and easy assembly.

Resistance and duration

The cardboard used by our company is able to withstand heavy weights. The high density of the cells of the internal structure make it perfect for the realization of furniture and structures where maximum solidity is required.

Production and research

The realization of our products involves delicate stages that require attention to detail and to the quality of the finished product. The horizons of cardboard have widened: easily mountable, eco-friendly, fireproof (class 1 certified), printable and recyclable, cardboard can also be combined with other materials.